Sweat Lounge |5655 Lindero Canyon Rd Building #400 Ste 403Westlake VillageCA91362 | (805) 372-1935
Sweat Lounge
5655 Lindero Canyon Rd Building #400 Ste 403
Westlake VillageCA 91362
 (805) 372-1935
Ask About Our Back to School Special!Indulge in a 30-minute sweat session in our clean & comfortable far infrared sauna pod.
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Sauna Westlake Village, CA

Sweat Lounge, located in Westlake Village, CA, helps clients experience benefits of weight loss, pain relief, glowing skin, circulation improvement, detox, and more. Feel the difference to experience the total body rejuvenation, improved performance, and recovery all while letting your skin glow. Our infrared sauna sessions are 30-minute sweat sessions that help you look and feel awesome! Call us to learn more and to book an appointment. 

Better You In 30 Minutes

At Sweat Lounge, we use 30 minutes of infrared technology to help you sweat to look and feel good. We specialize in the latest technology in the infrared business. In this half-hour session, you will begin to improve your body's overall well-being by experiencing pain relief, anxiety relief, improved athletic performance, and better blood circulation. Infrared sessions aside, we also carry wellness products ranging from soap to skincare products for at-home use. 

What Are The Benefits of Infrared Sauna Pods?

  • Weight Loss: A 30-minute session in our infrared saunas can help you burn up to 650 calories. It'll give you the benefits you'd achieve in a cardio workout without having to do the exercise. 
  • Pain Relief: The infrared sauna pod sessions relieve the back, neck, and other body parts of pain. 
  • Glowing Skin: The skin begins to glow after each skin purification sweat while tightening, toning, and killing bacteria. 
  • Improved Circulation: When heating the muscles with infrared light, the blood circulation begins to increase.
  • Chromotherapy: Uses colored LED lights which stimulate the body’s mitochondria for synergistic alignment.
  • Detox: Infrared light provides a detox that's ten times greater to release metals and toxins. 
  • Rejuvenation: Infrared produces a total body sweat that eliminates daily stress.

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We're pleased to provide a student and veteran discount. If interested in seeing an improvement to your body's look or your overall well-being, we encourage you to give the infrared session a try. To experience it for the first time, you MUST book an appointment with Sweat Lounge at 5655 Lindero Canyon Rd Building #400 Ste 403 Westlake Village, CA 91362. We provide a clean environment, and you can call (805) 372-1935 to book your first infrared experience! You can always text us for a quicker response. For parties of more than one, please call for more information!

Payments Accepted

We accept cash, Visa, debit cards, and HSA.

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